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There are several options for Health Informatics professionals wanting to get involved with CIS UCQ programmes.  Whether you are a client, franchise or trainer use the links below to see how you can become part of this developing exciting community and gain the benefits available....
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Choose from the framework of course the programme to meet the needs of your  organisation   From tailored to fixed pathways there is a route to meet every need.  See the framework here,

or for more information get in contact

CIS UCQ, CIS Trainers application, CIS
CIS Franchise, CIS UCQ Franchise scheme


CIS Franchises can deliver modules of the programme and enjoy the benefits including revenue generated from their own delivery.

Find out more visit the Franchise page, or get in touch here


CIS Trainers gain recognition and be part of the programme by delivering modules from the CIS Framework.

Contact us to find out more

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