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Andrew Raynes Owner CIS UCQ, Owner CIS, IP Owner, Andrew Raynes Owner, IP Innovate

Health care information is vital for ensuring outcomes support critical healthcare, meet targets and provide essential commissioning information.  The Care Information Systems User Competences and qualifications (CIS UCQ™) is a vocational competency-based learning programme designed over 18 years to ensure health and social care workers are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to use information to meet the needs of the patient and the business. CIS helps provide assurance that the users of technology are providing quality information capable of delivering these benefits.

The Care Information Systems User Competences and Qualifications is:

  • A training and certification programme for individuals working in, or starting a career in Health and Social Care Informatics​

  • Personal and Professional Development

  • A structure to  help define organisational best practice

  • Measurement for achievement of standards 

  • Framework to align training directly to business outcomes and Performance management  

  • Professional recognition and progression​

​Andrew Raynes is the Director of ADR Consultancy and holds the IP for CIS UCQ™.  Andrew is a renowned and reputable professional having worked for many years in the NHS in several National and Regional Strategic educational roles to support the delivery  of the NHS National Programme for IT.  Andrew achieved his Masters degree at Middlesex University in 2010 for his studies in F2 medical students using Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). 



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