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CIS UCQ™ Official Logo, Andrew Raynes MSc, Andrew Raynes Founder and Owner of CIS UCQ™


CIS - Four circles of Quality

CIS is a training and certification programme for individuals working in, or starting a career in Health and Social Care Informatics​.

​In 1996 Andrew Raynes had a vision to develop a range of competences for staff using new healthcare technology.  At the time this was a programme in the NHS which aimed to deliver many of the first electronic patient records.  The strategy at the time was called Information for Health (DH 1998)

For some, health care staff at the time appeared hesitant in using new technology, and found new IT a distraction from caring for their patients.  As part of the strategy, and to support the need for high quality information Andrew had a vision for up-skilling front line staff to become more familiar with the technology they were using.  In order to to do this he developed a competency based award known as the Patient Administration System (PAS) Foundation Award. 

20 years later, and with the support and input of professional and awarding institutions, NHS organisations and the commercial sector the programme has transformed into a globally recognised educational programme what is known today as the Care Information Systems and User Competences and Qualifications (CIS UCQ™). 

The CIS UCQ™ now provides a growing number of modules to support provision of educational curriculum and standards through its accredited learning programmes.

The CIS logo and 4 ovals represent the 4 levels of evaluation (Kirkpatrick 1994) used in the programme to ensure quality from each course delivery, from measuring competence through to organisational change and return on investment. The programme offers a variety of delivery models from approved trainer delivery direct to your door, alternatively Franchises can gain the benefits of delivering modules in-house, or adapting content for elearning.  From the Five year Forward View (NHSE 2014), to Wachter and the latest review by Eric Topol; 'Preparing the workforce to deliver the digital future' (2019), blended training and education solutions designed to meet strategic initiatives such as better understanding of digital technology to improve connected care, while also helping to tackle some of the economically challenging issues such as employability and career progression.  

For individuals developing, or to have existing knowledge and skills recognised, CIS ensures that diverse learning styles are fully met ensuring the effective use of digital technology delivers both human and information benefits and that these are underpinned by industry standards and progression through our partners.

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