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CIS Business code of conduct

1 Our Business

Through our business we provide services to one another and training to our customers. To each other and those customers, our central goal is to provide safe, efficient and reliable services which meet the needs of the customer. 
Our responsibility and accountability extends to partners, franchises, suppliers, clients, trainers.  In this policy these groups are referred in meaning by the term ‘all’

2. Scope


This policy sets out the principles and expectations for business conduct.  It is the responsibility of all who work for and with ADR Consultancy to be mindful and aware of their own behaviours and professional conduct in order to support and uphold our business vision.

3 Our Approach to Business Dealings

ADR Consultancy is committed to ensuring that in all aspects of its business activities its operations are conducted in an open and transparent manner and are based on the highest standards of integrity and professional conduct by all partners, franchises and trainers using the product(s).
The purpose of this Code of Business Conduct is to set out the basic standards that ADR Consultancy expects from all its partners (and agents acting on behalf) in delivering the business activities.

4 Basic Standards and Conduct

4.1 Behaviours and attitudes

• All must work to our ethic of commitment, professionalism and integrity
• All must be customer focussed with an aptitude for fairness and results focussed delivery
• All should be respectful of others, demonstrate patience be positive towards problem solving and be reflective in their work
• All are committed to building sustainable relationships with clients, partners and the public.

4.2 Basic Standards for all Business Dealings

• All dealings will be conducted honestly and ethically.
• All will comply with all legislative and regulatory directions in each of the territories we operate.
• All will treat with complete respect any confidential information that is made available to us together with the bona fide interests of all third parties with whom we deal.
• No group shall seek to offer or receive any inducements to facilitate its business dealings or to gain unfair advantage.
• All should not offer or accept such inducements that may be construed as giving an unfair competitive advantage or resulting in personal gain or benefit.


4.3 Safety

• All will provide an appropriate working environment for all staff which enables them to conduct their activities safely.
• All are committed to providing services, training and briefings on safety related matters to staff involved in the scheme.

4.4 Environment

• All acknowledge the impact our operations have on the environment and will continue to explore opportunities to reduce any adverse effect.
• All will ensure that across all our businesses best practices information will be disseminated.

4.5 Employees, Clients, Consultants, Partners and Franchises

• All are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment.
• All will treat one another fairly and honestly and we will comply with all appropriate employment legislation.
• All recognise the skills and contributions of our employees and will ensure they are fairly remunerated, reflecting the local market and conditions.
• All will not tolerate harassment, bullying or discrimination in the workplace and we will promote and embrace diversity in all aspects of our business operations.
• We are committed to open communications with each other.
• All will be expected to conduct their business in a manner that reflects our approach to business conduct detailed in this document.
• All will agree terms of payment for goods and services and agree to pay the supplier in accordance with our agreed terms.
• All will ensure that we continue to maintain a strong relationship with each other which is based on mutual trust, understanding and healthy challenge.


5 Whistleblowing

We will continue to operate and provide our ‘Whistleblower’ policy which enables employees, on a completely confidential basis to speak out if they believe a malpractice is occurring, health and safety standards are being compromised, or if victimisation, discrimination or harassment of employees is taking place.

6      Competition

We are committed to operate in a completely fair manner and will adhere to the competition legislation as it applies in the territories in which we operate.


7 Community

All will conduct our business in a way that is sensitive to the culture and needs of the organisations, partners and franchises involved in delivering CIS UCQ.

8 Conflicts of Interest

We will continue to impress on our partners, franchises and consultants the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest. If conflicts do arise employees are required to disclose those conflicts.

9 Review

This Code of Conduct will be reviewed annually to ensure that it continues to remain appropriate and relevant.    Back

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