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​Successful learners can receive certification at the end of the course using your certificate claim form in the quality and Evaluation section.   This enables the Franchise to award staff certificates which contain the the CIS and UKCHIP EQAS logo's as a sign of approval and quality.

Claiming CPD credits from Birmingham City University (BCU) for your CIS module

In addition, since CIS is recognised by Birmingham City University it is also be possible for students to access progression routes for professionals wanting Continuing Professional Development (Credit) following delivery of your CIS module.


Revenues generated by CIS pays for BCU University recognition and the Academic Advisor attached to your module (and who will marks the work at the University).  To gain a full 20 Credit award however there is a fee of £200.00 (payable by a sponsoring organisation or the individual).  The 20 credit award can be stand alone, or used to access full degree level programmes at the BCU.  To enrol learners on this programme please use the form below.


BCU enrolment form

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​Note:  Enrolment with BCU will trigger fees payable by ADR Consultancy.  Please only encourage individuals to pursue the CPD or progression who have commitment to the programme.

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